What We Do

Execute Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We strive to execute influencer marketing campaigns on the extensively used social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter! We believe in creating top-notch artful content with an added personal touch!

Talent Management

We know that you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in concretizing your reputation, content and followers. Since we work closely with influencers, we know your struggles. At Fabsquad, we are motivated to understand and assist  content creators to develop their digital profile, to earn, and establish partnerships with reputed brands.

Social Media Management

We are keen about working on personal levels with our clients by making the best use of our talented base  of influencers through social media collaborations, partnerships, shout outs and more. Our team at Fabsquad, will efficiently resolve all your  inbound problems, assist you in planning, designing  and implementing your strategies right from the beginning to widen your reach and success.

Why Fabsquad as your manager?

What an artist manager does?

  • Fabsquad will manage your business relationships so that you can remain focused on creating top-notch content.
  • We assure you complete assistance in profile management since we are working with leading influencers and social media platforms.
  • We will create opportunities with meticulous strageties to direct you in the right path.
  • Fabsquad will boost the process of your developing your profile thereby creating opportunities to work with reputed brands