How we work?

Creating Campaign

Initially you can approach by sharing your brand objectives and desired results with us. Contact our influencer base for content creation, social media shout-outs, product reviews, Movie reviews, Movie promotions, Sampling and much more.

Discover Influencers

We will support you in finding the right influencers and to activate the campaign though them. Influencers will work by accepting the campaign brief, or by sending bids on how best they can contribute to it.

Enjoy the Influence

Creators will bear your tasks and share your brand story with their peers and followers by maximizing the views, engagement, conversations etc. Tadaa... you just accomplished your goal in the most cost-efficient way!


Brand Reach

We reach our followers; we know our followers



informal approach to problem solving



a promise to do and deliver on time



achieving the results that were you want to go

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Data-Powered Influencer Strategy

Our teams are experts in thinking holistically about influencer marketing strategy and digital content, from social media integrations to influencer-led IPs. We leverage data and our own pulse on current cultural themes to come up with out-of-the-box influencer content.

India’s Biggest Influencer Network

From celebrity and macro creators, to micro influencers and college ambassadors, our deep relationships with thousands of top Indian Youtubers, Instagrammers, and more, ensures you’re not only getting the right people to represent your brand, but you’re getting the best costs as well.

Flawless Execution, Measurable Results

We get it done, and done well! We know how to meet your brand goals, and make sure vetted content goes live when it needs to. Track real time ROI via personalized dashboards with detailed campaign metrics & insights to measure your success.


100+ leading brands & their agencies leverage our influencer network across the marketing cycle – for research, sampling, content creation & distribution, driving engagement & conversions, at scale.

Contact Us

Contact us, as we are happy to answer any questions you have, explore potential partnerships and receive requests from interested affiliates.

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